SGI Manufacturing

SGI Manufacturing
SGI Manufacturning is the SGI MRP Solution that allows companies across all sectors effective management and organization of production and quality processes and to automate their product development cycles

At their size

At their size
Solution designed for small and big trades devoted to different entrepreneurial sectors, in order to manage the different tasks in an easy, effective and fast way for the sale of products.

It allows to create any type of document: tickets, delivery notes, returns, payments, sales orders, transfers, bookings, etc.

Integration with SAP

Integration with SAP
They are some of the benefits:
  • Document creation of sale.
  • Fast integration of stock.
  • Operations of stock between shop and warehouse.
  • It consults of stock for shop or vary.
  • Saving in time of inventory validation.
  • Automatic synchronization of data.
  • Saving in time of data synchronization.
  • Control on sale points.