is the business intelligence Certified for SAP Business One, which enables the aggregate analysis of the processes of buying, selling, billing and payments, inventory, analytical accounting, integrated with SAP Business One to the right decisions about your business

Decision making

Decision making
Generate numerous reports to the extent and in the desired format without using a computer consultant.

Let more people in your organization provide analysis for decision making based on objective data extracted from SAP Business One and other databases.

Their best ally

Their best ally
  • Autonomy does not require programmer or administrator.
  • Independence and application server (SAP B1, QS, Oracle, Navision, custom development ...
  • Simplicity and Power.
  • Speed: snapshot of any information.
  • tandard multiple clients, Excel, MS Data Analyzer, MS Map Point, Smile, other ...
  • Personalization: additional information, different views, etc..
  • Fast Start-Up: It starts with buckets and predefined reports and is grown on them.
  • Reduce the cost of ERP implementation by providing the flexibility of reports that SAP offers a limited extent.
  • Price and Fast ROI.